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The Big Comfy Couch

Normally when I’m talking about the big comfy couch, I’m referring to the worn-down, mismatched and lumpy couch in my living room that my girlfriend has been nagging to get rid of for years. But in this case I’m talking about the 90s Canadian children’s series The Big Comfy Couch. Nobody does kids programming like the Canadians, I would know…I am Canadian and spent my youth watching Loonette the Clown and her dolly Molly solve everyday problems while sitting on their green sofa.

The show was such a success in Canada that it was picked up in the USA in 1995 and became a staple of afternoon TV. After a 10 year run the show saw a reboot in 2006 with a different Loonette and the same dolly Molly. I was kind of ashamed at the time, but I use to have a crush on Loonette. She had those cute little freckles and pigtails that say “I’m innocent during the day, but a wild child at night”. Here she is today…

You can sit on my big comfy couch anytime Loonette!

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