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Night Trap the video game


It was the survival horror video game that gave you boners and massive headaches at the same time, of course I can only be talking about Night Trap! Night Trap was first released on Sega CD in 1992, although it was originally titled “Scene of the Crime” in an unreleased game in the late 80’s. The game later came out on PC and on the 3DO.

So here’s the game….you are viewing hidden cameras inside the house of Mr. and Mrs. Martin’s, where a group of young women are staying for the night. However, odd things begin happening. Your job is to protect the guests during their slumber party as vampiric intruders enter and try to claim their pray. You view real-time video of each room in the house, which are loaded with traps. When you see someone entering, you hit a button and trap them. Not much with regards to gameplay, but it was entertaining to watch.

Night Trap sold well, despite it being ranked as one of the Worst Video Games of All-Time by Electronic Gaming Monthly. The game was also the subject of controversy during it’s initial run due to the scantily clad females and real video violence.

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