Month: March 2014

Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

It’s the show that magicians around the world DON’T want you to see! It’s also the television special/series that most of America didn’t want to see either, but that didn’t stop FOX. Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed started as a four-part TV special in 1997/98 that starred “The Masked Magician”, as he shows you how all of the biggest tricks are pulled off. It wasn’t long before magician was revealed to be Val Valentino, a struggling artist who had yet to make any real splash for himself up until that point. The first specials were billed as a “must watch TV event” and they felt like it. This was so new and seemed forbidden. I watched in awe as the Masked Magician outed David Copperfield and others. It made me both want to go see a magic show, and never again watch anything so fake…I’ll stick to wrestling thank you very much. A decade after the success of the initial TV specials, Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed finally became a full …

Amazing: Paul McCartney’s Hidden Lentil Soup Recipe (The Simpsons)

In the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” (Season 5) there is a guest appearance by Paul McCartney, sorry Sir. Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda. They both help Lisa be proud of her new found Vegetarianism (and her marriage to a carrot that will no doubt be in her future). During that episode Paul McCartney says, “In fact, if you play ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ backwards, you’ll find a recipe for a ripping lentil soup.” (a reference to “Revolution 9” by The Beatles which when played backwards apparently claimed Paul was dead…or something like that). But here is where The Simpsons genius is taken to the next level. if you play the version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” that’s featured in the closing credits backwards, you can hear Paul quietly recite a recipe for lentil soup in the background. OH YEAH! How awesome is that!! Check it out!

Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Buddy, Born to Be Wild and Ed

Hollywood studios tend to copy each other on the strangest things sometimes. You’ll see it from time to time, when one movie about a mall-cop comes out, another is released months after, despite the fact that there has never being any other movies about mall-cops. Or even now, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Enemy where he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. Jesse Eisenberg stars in The Double, where’s he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. You wonder if this is because of studios wanting to compete with one another or if it’s pure coincidence. In the late 90’s for some strange reason, studios were all about Apes. I’m not talking about Planet of the Apes, I’m talking about family comedies about someone’s friendship with an ape.   It all started with Born to Be Wild, a 1995 film about a juvenile delinquent who befriends a gorilla.   Then in 1996 out came Ed, a story about a chimpanzee joining a baseball team. Side note: did you forget that Matt LeBlanc was …

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Made from a mix of the best peanuts in the world and ground up pieces of the real Peter Pan (I assume), this was a peanut butter that I have only had once in my life. I was under the age of 10 and don’t remember if I liked it or not to be honest. If you enjoy/enjoyed it please let me know. Oh, and can you also explain how a peanut butter jar got it’s teaching degree and why Captain Hook comes off very pedophile-like in this commercial? Cause that is really confusing to me. Thanks.

Starburst: The Juice is Loose

“The Juice is Loose” a phrase I found myself randomly saying all the time as a child, so good job on the ad Starburst. Still a proud “go to” candy for me, my love of Starburst started at an early age and continues to this day. One time Starburst got into trouble with some pretty rough guys and I need to loan Starburst $50 thousand or they were going to break Starburst’s legs. Even though Starburst never paid me back and I’m not even sure Starburst has legs, I feel like we still have a great relationship. Speaking of randomness is that Ellie Kemper is this commercial?