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Singled Out

The show that made Jenny McCarthy a star and the show Chris Hardwick will never escape! To be honest, I didn’t watch this show that much during its run in the mid 90s. I caught a marathon of it while on vacation one year and that was pretty much the bulk of my experience. In fact I think Eric’s appearance on Boy Meets World is my most vivid memory of the show.

The premiss was simple enough, each episode 50 girls and 50 guys would compete for a chance to win a date with the main contestant (a very attractive member of the opposite sex). The contestant pool would get smaller and smaller with each round until their was just one winner and they and the main contestant would go back to back and then be revealed to one another. I assume after that every relationship ended in marriage.

One of the best parts of the show was when (usually the girl) would turn around and could not hide the utter disappointment with the contestant who had won (because they were not attractive). I am surprised that this show has not been re-booted. In this age of re-making anything that was remotely popular in the past, this show seems like a slam dunk. Just get Red Bull to sponsor it and get these super hormonal (i.e. horny) university students up on stage and watch the insanity happen (the insanity will no doubt be used as video evidence in a date rape trail soon after).

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