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Cookie Crisp

As a kid I saw many cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons that for whatever reason were unavailable to purchase where I lived. One such cereal that sticks out in my mind was COOOOOOOOOOOOKIE Crisp! For years I saw commercials for this cereal and wanted nothing more than to try it. I mean, a burglar broke out of prison (where apparently he and his dog were being held for crimes against humanity) repeated times just to get his hands on a bowl of this stuff. Not since the Trix Rabbit have we seen this kind of determination for a bowl of cereal. I had to try it!

The day would finally come. While on vacation, my mom bought us kids a box of Cookie Crisp and it did not disappoint! It was (as promised) basically a bowl of cookies swimming in a pond of milk. What could be better?! I don’t think the box lasted more than a day before it had been devoured by my brother and I.

Few things in life live up to expectations, but as a child, Cookie Crisp was one of them. Although I’m sure if I had them now I would think they taste like garbage…delicious cookie flavoured garbage.

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