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Memorable Hockey Players In Not-so Memorable Jerseys pt. 4: Inbetween Lockouts Era

In Between Lockouts Era

 Following the ’04-’05 NHL Lockout, many star players moved on from their recognizable teams to join new squads. With the exception of one (I’ll leave him for last), none of them had any major success wearing a different jersey.

Peter Forsberg

In My Mind: Colorado Avalanche

Remember When? Nashville Predators

With the exception of Lindros, Forsberg (they were traded for each other) is one of my few favourite non-Leafs players of all time! Any time I could get him on my fantasy hockey roster I would. I even had him for both failed comeback attempts with the Avalanche. But before that, man was he awesome! So awesome in fact that the Philadelphia Flyers threw a boat load of money at him to leave Colorado where he had won 2 Stanley Cups and a Hart Trophy to return to the team that drafted him. They even named him team captain, before trading him to Nashville during the next season. He made things right though by retiring as a member of the Avalanche.

Jeremy Roenick

In My Mind: Chicago Blackhawks

Remember When? Los Angeles Kings

JR will always be known as the best player in hockey video game history! As well as a loud mouth flash in the pan American who’s only good seasons were while he played for the Blackhawks. He had a decent run in Philadelphia but after the aforementioned Forsberg signing, Roenick was shown the door. Where did he land you ask? Back in Phoenix? San Jose? Well yes, but before that he played for LA where he is best remembered for his dance moves on the ice during a pre-season game in Las Vegas.

John LeClair

In My Mind: Philadelphia Flyers

Remember When? Pittsburgh Penguins

Staying with the USA Hockey/Philadelphia Flyers trend, we land on big John LeClair. A one time 50 goal scorer along side Eric Lindros playing on the infamous “Legion of Doom” line. The only line LeClair is part of these days is the buffet line … am I right?

Keith Tkachuk

In My Mind: Winnipeg Jets

Remember When? Atlanta Thrashers

Tkachuk is also now a big fat former American hockey player. Ironically he played for the original Winnipeg Jets, as well as the franchise which became the new Winnipeg Jets. However much like the Thrashers themselves, his stay in Atlanta was a short one as he returned to the St. Louis Blues the following off season where he became quite fond of cheeseburgers.

Mike Modano

In My Mind: Dallas Stars

Remember When? Detroit Red Wings

Team USA keeps on rolling with one of the best looking guys ever to lace ’em up! I mean look at him! He’s a goddam movie star! That’s probably why he was cast in the first Mighty Ducks movie!

Chris Chelios

In My Mind: Chicago Blackhawks

Remember When? Atlanta Thrashers

Seriously? Two people are stabbed to death inside your restaurant and you just skip town and play for the Atlanta Thrashers? Didn’t you learn anything from Keith Tkachuk?

Brett Hull

In My Mind: St. Louis Blues

Remember When? Phoenix Coyotes


After winning Cups in Dallas (I still say “NO GOAL!”) and Detroit, Hull signed a lucrative free agent contract to join the proud franchise with whom his father Bobby Hull carved out a Hall of Fame career … the Phoenix Coyotes! During the preseason Brett was given his familiar #16 which he wore while scoring 86 goals with the Blues, but that wasn’t good enough for the fans in Phoenix. They wanted to watch a Hull wear the #9 on the back of his jersey just like they watched Bobby wear all those years ago (in Winnipeg). So the team held a ceremony to un-retire Bobby Hull’s number and award it to Brett to officially begin his career with the Coyotes … which lasted all of 5 games and one assist before Hull retired for good. He did manage to briefly reunite with an old St. Louis teammate and fellow Blues’ legend who was then coaching the team …

Mark Recchi

In My Mind: Philadelphia Flyers

Remember When? Carolina Hurricanes

I mentioned that only one player enjoyed success “post lockout” after changing teams. Well Mark Recchi on the Carolina Hurricanes does not count. I’m talking about the man his team beat in order to win that Stanley Cup he has hoisted over his head …

Chris Pronger

In My Mind: St. Louis Blues

Remember When? Edmonton Oilers

After the lockout, small market teams like the Edmonton Oilers were supposed to be just as competitive as all of the major market clubs like Detroit, New York and Toronto. And they were … for one season. Yup, the Oilers shocked and delighted Canadian hockey fans by acquiring Chris Pronger from the Blues heading into the ’05-’06 season and riding his broad shoulders to the Stanley Cup Finals! Unfortunately for Edmonton hockey fans, they lost in 7 games and Pronger promptly bolted the sub zero temperatures of Alberta for fun in the sun and a Stanley Cup ring in Anaheim. “Why you heff to be mad?”

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