90s, Fashion, Television
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Chip & Pepper

Chip & Pepper are identical twin brothers from Winnipeg, Manitoba yet somehow you would think they grew up hangin’ 10 off the California coast. Their clothing line perfectly captured the 90s, it featured cartoonish mascots (two bulldogs representing Chip and Pepper) with bright neon colours. The clothing line was so popular and Chip and Pepper themselves were so charasmatic that it lead to NBC giving them their own Saturday morning cartoon show: Chip and Pepper’s Cartoon Madness

While the fad of their clothing is long dead, I think given the resent neon colour revival of the past few years, you might see a few people rocking these totally tubular cloths once more. And if you do see someone wearing this clothing line, give them a high-five…and some money, cause they probably need both.

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