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Norm Macdonald saves the day

If you are not familiar with Norm Macdonald, then I am truly sorry for all of the gut-busting laughs you may have missed out on. Norm might be most recognizable for his deadpan and sarcastic style of humor that he brings to almost all of his interviews or celebrity roastings. He of course was a 1990’s cast member of Saturday Night Live which included a stint on Weekend Update. Found memories of his movie Dirty Work or his performance as Burt Reynolds on SNL sketch Celebrity Jeopardy, I most remember Norm for his hilarious “save the day” comments during an episode of Conan O’Brien.

After his interview with Conan, Norm was sitting in while actress Courtney Thorne-Smith was promoting her new film with Carrot Top called Chairman of the Board.

I do feel sorry for anyone who actually watched the trailer link above. Back to Norm on Conan….as poor Courtney was trying her best to hype a film she was obviously embarrassed about. Norm budges into the conversation to turn the otherwise awkward interview in a piece of classic television. Enjoy.

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