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Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Buddy, Born to Be Wild and Ed

Hollywood studios tend to copy each other on the strangest things sometimes. You’ll see it from time to time, when one movie about a mall-cop comes out, another is released months after, despite the fact that there has never being any other movies about mall-cops. Or even now, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Enemy where he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. Jesse Eisenberg stars in The Double, where’s he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. You wonder if this is because of studios wanting to compete with one another or if it’s pure coincidence.

In the late 90’s for some strange reason, studios were all about Apes. I’m not talking about Planet of the Apes, I’m talking about family comedies about someone’s friendship with an ape.


It all started with Born to Be Wild, a 1995 film about a juvenile delinquent who befriends a gorilla.


Then in 1996 out came Ed, a story about a chimpanzee joining a baseball team. Side note: did you forget that Matt LeBlanc was in this…


Then again a year later came the story of an eccentric socialite who raises a gorilla named Buddy as her son.


I can’t speak on whether this string of ape films did good business. Personally I was never a fan of any of them. But it makes you wonder. I will for sure be keeping my eyes open for the next batch of primate flicks….


Oh yeah, I almost totally forgot about Might Joe Young.


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