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Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed


It’s the show that magicians around the world DON’T want you to see! It’s also the television special/series that most of America didn’t want to see either, but that didn’t stop FOX. Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed started as a four-part TV special in 1997/98 that starred “The Masked Magician”, as he shows you how all of the biggest tricks are pulled off. It wasn’t long before magician was revealed to be Val Valentino, a struggling artist who had yet to make any real splash for himself up until that point.

The first specials were billed as a “must watch TV event” and they felt like it. This was so new and seemed forbidden. I watched in awe as the Masked Magician outed David Copperfield and others. It made me both want to go see a magic show, and never again watch anything so fake…I’ll stick to wrestling thank you very much.

A decade after the success of the initial TV specials, Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed finally became a full blown television series in 2008 (video above). Of course now being in a different era, the series was doomed to fail or at least not garner as big of an audience as in the 90s. To add an extra bonus, the season premiere featured some of the WWE divas for a little eye candy. Sorry girls, this show still wasn’t worth the hour.

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