Month: March 2014

Childhood Ruined: Everything Wrong with The Goonies (In 8 minutes)

There is not much to say about this. It’s a video by Cinema Sins that points out some glaring flaws in a movie where children go on a crazy adventure to find a hidden pirate ship in order to take all it’s treasure and save their homes from foreclosure. I know? How can there possibly be plot holes in an airtight story line like that? Well believe it or not, there is. I hope this doesn’t ruin the movie for you. Enjoy.

WWF Hasbro Action Figures ART WORK

This is pretty amazing looking stuff for someone like me. I grew up on the late 80s – 90s WWF Hasbro Action figures. I actually owned a lot of the figures in the poster above (at least the ones that were available). An artist by the name of Jason Wulf has recently been creating cards/posters of some of the classic and recent WWF/WWE superstars in their Hasbro Action Figure stance. In the case of recent superstars, he imagines what they would like look if they were in classic action figure form. Makes me want to start a petition to bring back these figures. Anyways, check out these amazing pieces of art work and really appreciate how true to detail they are. Find more here…

Christopher Walken Dancing in 50 movies

Hopefully you guys remember the amazing Fatboy Slim music video for “Weapon of Choice” that featured Christopher Walken dancing for nearly 4 minutes. Even if you don’t remember that iconic music video, you surely know that Christopher Walken likes to dance. We’ve seen him do it in what seems like a dozen movies….WRONG! He has moved his hips, gyrated, and or tapped his feet in nearly 50 movies! And to prove this, here is an amazing montage shared by the Huffington Post. Enjoy.

Toy Aisles from our childhood

I recently saw a few pictures floating online of toy aisles from the 80s. I was more a 90s kid, but man did these photos bring me back. Some of my most found childhood memories is going to the local Bi-Way (a Canadian store that doesn’t exist anymore) and checking out the multi-aisle toy section. I remember there being an aisle just for the 90’s WWF Hasbro Action Figures… Anyway, here is a collection of photos that are sure to bring you back to your youth.