2000s, Music
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Afroman Because I Got High

In 2000/2001 almost all of my white small-town friends were listening to rap. We were in public school at the time and the idea of owning and blasting Dr. Dre was appealing. Why? Because we weren’t allowed to. We were too young to buy the CD’s because of it’s parental warning, but thanks to Napster we all had them anyways. But of course when our parent’s heard the lyrics they promptly took those CD’s away. Then came along a rapper by the name of Afroman. His album Because I Got High featured the tracks “Because I Got High”, “Tumbleweed” and “She Won’t Let Me Fuck”. It didn’t go anywhere at first, but did find some small circulation through Napster. But when Howard Stern starting playing it’s title track, Afroman became a hit. And you know what…we were allowed to buy it!

I don’t why our parents allowed us to buy this album and listen to it freely? For some strange reason they enjoyed the song. Maybe they heard the lyrics as a cautionary tale about doing drugs. My friends heard it as an anthem to get high. After all, Afroman got high and he had a number one hit. He was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. After his 15 minutes of fame from “Because I Got High”, Afroman tried following up with other tracks, but unfortunately they didn’t have the catchy nature of his previous hit.

Afroman quickly vanished from the spotlight. Not even his Wikipedia page knows what’s he doing today. His last written appearance was at the Gathering of the Juggalos four years ago. Perhaps if he didn’t get high he would have maintained his success. Instead he became a rapping stereotype.

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