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All the games with none of the fun: Every NES and SNES Game Title Screen


Here are two videos of every Nintendo and Super Nintendo title screen ever made in alphabetical order. The Nintendo video is just under 3 hours long while the Super Nintendo video comes in at a towering 9 hours (of course it does, that’s why it’s super!). So you can do what most of us will be doing, scanning through randomly to see what games we remember or perhaps searching out some classics. OR you could turn this into some kind of drinking game. Maybe something like for every game you don’t know you take a drink? To prove you know the game you must state 3 facts about it (those facts can be cross-referenced by the internet) and on classic games such as Super Mario Bros. everyone takes a drink? Maybe bonus drinks for anyone who can guess the next game to come up? Sound good? Well alright!

I’ll get started at my place right now, swing by if you are down to play. See you soon!



Super Nintendo

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