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Covers vs Originals (pt.6): ‘Your Song’

“Your Song”

Get excited for this installment of Covers vs Originals because it’s all about YOU! Well, it’s all about YOU in that we are evaluating Your Song and by that I mean that the song is literally titled “Your Song”. We all caught up now? Cool.

This is a song that seems to be covered by everyone at some point (please don’t ask me to back up that point) and is probably Elton John’s most covered song (again, I have no proof of this). And why not! It’s a beautiful song! I was first introduced to this song when watching the movie Moulin Rouge. Some years later the same song would introduce me to a young and rising starlet by the name of Ellie Goulding. She did a cover of this song on Saturday Night Live and I was blown away.

So what version do you feel is better? I’m gonna let you decide, after all, this is YOUR song.


Original: Elton John, released 1970, from the album Elton John


Cover: Ellie Goulding, released 2010, from the album Bright Lights



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