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It’s about time: Former NHL Ref reviews plays from The Mighty Ducks

The good folks over at Bar Down have done something fantastic! While Disney’s The Mighty Ducks is a near perfect movie from childhood when I re-watched it in my adult years I actually had some pretty big problems with the film. Now, there are a ton of movie and shows you love as a child then re-watch as an adult and realize that they are in fact terrible. This is not really the case with The Mighty Ducks. Having played hockey most of my life, the actual hockey scenes were almost unbearable to watch. However, it was not the manner in which the scenes were shot but the absurdity of what the players in the movie would get away with! I mean they aren’t even wearing regulation equipment! I know it’s a kids movie and whatever, but it still bothered me.

Well wouldn’t you know it, apparently I wasn’t the only one. No, this issue bothered the people at Bar Down so much that they brought in retired NHL Ref (and 90s hair model) Kerry Fraser to explain all the calls (or lack there of) in the movie and decide once and for all if the “Flying V” was in fact off-side.

Well, I’ve said my piece I’ll let Bar Down and Kerry Fraser take it from here.

My next sports movie I have a problem with: A League of Their Own. Women playing baseball, like that would ever happen. What’s that? Based on a true story you say? I’ll need to check my facts on that…


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