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Soda Licious = So Delicious


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who misses the pop flavored gummies known as Soda Licious. These 90s Betty Crocker fruit snacks have been discontinued for a while now which makes it hard to find much information on them but here’s what I know…

1. They were awesome.

2. They were shaped like bottles of soda and came in different flavors like root beer, cola, cream soda, and 7up.

3. Every kid would eat the bottle cap off the gummy first before gorging on the rest of the bottle.

4. If you had the mug of root beer, you held the gummy by it’s handle

5. They were so-delicious

The commercial was also a piece of tasty nostalgia…

Since the candy is no longer around, I call dibbs on the name. I’m going to use it for my podcast where I review soda pops.



  1. I have two unopened boxes (probably a little dried out by now) that I’m posting on Ebay. Mine are dated 1991. We’ll see if anyone is interested in nostalgic food items. I just love soda related items.

  2. Jess Chan says

    Ah yes, if you had a pack of these in your lunch box in elementary school back in the 90’s, you were the coolest kid in the class.

    Now excuse me while I go feed my Tamagotchi 😛

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