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The Song “Green Onions” Seems To Be In Every Movie


When I say “Green Onions” you probably think about the little green onions they put on top of nachos. I personally think of the money you still owe for said nachos (we got extra beef and guacamole on it Ted! That shit ain’t cheap!). What you probably don’t think of is the amazingly catchy song “Green Onions” by Booker T. & The M.G.s. It’s a song many of us do not know by name but know it instantly once we hear it.

So how is it possible that we know a song so well yet can’t tell you it’s name or who performs it? Well, I will tell you Suzie (I’m calling our readers Suzie today). It’s because you are racist. Just kidding, well, maybe you are racist but that’s only part of the reason you can’t name the song. The other part is that, this is a song that you’ve probably exclusively heard through movies and tv shows. I know that was the case for me until I took Music in Pop Culture during University (I also dated a girl once, no big deal). It’s the soundtrack for so many scenes in movies that it’s become engrained in our minds without really knowing anything about it. So with that I give you some scenes I found on the internet featuring the very catchy and very diverse song: “Green Onions”. Enjoy.


The Sandlot


Get Shorty (This is a trailer but I assure you this song is in the movie)


American Graffiti


Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story


Happy Gilmore (“Green Onions” is an acoustic version in this movie)

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