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Teens react to 90s Internet


Kids today just don’t get it man. Back in the 90s, stuff was different man. I mean people watched movies on VHS, KFC actually used bread instead of chicken to make sandwiches and the internet was much, much different man. Oh, also we said “man” a lot…I think.

This is another one of those zany videos where kids learn about technology that is so dated and crazy they can’t wrap their new millennium brains around it! It’s so zany! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It’s tough to sit through a 9 minute video, so I’ll give you some timestamped highlights.

0:38 – An 18 year old hipster wannabe Alix (who is rocking a sweater straight out of 1997) makes fun of the clothing the people are wearing in the video…Oh the irony.

0:58 – The daughter states that the internet is “not just for boys”.

1:10 – Mother tells the kids to use the internet for school work “and not that cybernet stuff”

3:00 – After about 3 minutes of making fun of how lame and dumb the 90s actors are, we find out that these teens watching don’t know what .com .gov or .org stand for.

The rest of the video is pretty meh, although full props to the director for humbling these teens a little. After the teens made fun of every aspect of the video, when they themselves were asked a few general questions about the internet, they seemed to be at a loss.

The overall lesson I got from this is that the only thing teens love more than making fun of other people is…nothing. Teens just love making fun of people!

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