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Dumb and Dumber…the animated series


There is a lot of hype over the third (yes, third) Dumber and Dumber feature film: Dumb and Dumber To. Oh, did you forget about Dumb and Dumberer? We wish we did…

We here at The Nostalgia Blog are pretty excited for the new release and to see how Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels reprise their famed 90s roles. In doing a little YouTubing of Dumb and Dumber we came across a little gem that we didn’t even know existed….Dumb and Dumber The Animated Series.

This ABC, Hanna-Barbera-produced show debuted in 1995 and was cancelled after it’s first season. After watching a clip, I was surprised to see/hear that Jim Carey did the voice of Lloyd Christmas, until I researched the show to find out that the voice was actually done by Matt Frewer. Matt is most known as the 80s cult hit character Max Headroom. A character that many people claim to have inspired Jim Carey mannerisms, Cool hun?

What do you think Jim Carey = Max Headroom ripoff?

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