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Diverse acting career: Reginald VelJohnson always plays a cop


If a crime was being committed in front of me I wouldn’t even attempt to call the cops. I’d simply ring up my good friend Reginald VelJohnson. You may say to me “but Ben, Reginald VelJohnson is not a cop, he is an actor and he is most certainly not your friend. I mean, you two have never even met.”

Well to that I say, if we are not friends, how did I get the picture featured at the top of this post? Check. Mate.

As for the cop thing. I totally know that Reginald Veljohnson is an actor but it wouldn’t be crazy for me to think he might be a cop. I mean he has appeared as a cop in so many things! It might be the biggest case of type casting since Jessica Alba being type cast as a terrible actress.  Check it out:


Die Hard & Die Hard 2


He also appeared as a cop in bit roles in: Kojak: The Belarus File, Plain Clothes and Turner & Hooch.

But it was actually appearing as Carl Winslow on the hit show Perfect Strangers that lead to a spin-off. That spin-off? Why it was Family Matters of course! And so it came full circle…or maybe he just was playing a cop on another show…either way, Reginald Veljohnson loved playing a cop.

*I have no proof that Reginald Veljohnson in fact loved playing a cop and by all accounts may have in fact hated it.

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