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Ellen Degeneres in a RomCom – Mr. Wrong


There’s a lot of jokes I could make about the film Mr. Wrong  and it’s title. Especially considering the fact that it stars televisions most famous lesbian. But I’m a very lazy writer so I won’t make any of those jokes. This critical and commercial failure from 1996 was one of Ellen Degeneres’s only forays onto the big screen. Ellen still mentions the film from time to time on her daytime TV show, but often omits that she earned a Razzie Award nomination for Worst New Star….Okay I actually don’t know that for a fact (about her mentioning/not mentioning her Razzie nom), as lazy of a writer I am, I am equally as lazy of a researcher. But I do know for a fact that she was nominated but didn’t win the Razzie. Pamela Anderson took home that prize for Barb Wire.

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