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Your Childhood Toys Might be Worth Big Bucks…

According to another site in which I found this information, your childhood toys could be worth a fortune! My guess is that the people who desire to pay these crazy prices obviously didn’t have as good a childhood as you did. My parents had the best plan for raising us, they wouldn’t buy us anything but instead made friends with rich parents so we could play with their kid’s toys. It was a flawless plan which I intend to pass on to my kids…as soon as I acknowledge their existence…which may take a while.

In the mean time enjoy the frustration you will no doubt get from seeing how valuable these toys are now. Thanks for selling those super-soakers at a garage sale for $2 mom! Great call!

*These are listed prices on eBay, they don’t necessarily reflect the actual value of these toys. I mean, I sold myself on eBay for $32 and I’m worth $29.50 tops.


Super Soaker: $549 on eBay


Tamagotchi: $460 on eBay


Yong T-Rex Jurassic Park Toy: $599 on eBay


Polly Pocket: $380 on eBay


Game Boy Color: $1,689 on eBay


Fisher Price Roller Skates: $157 on eBay


Furby: $500 on eBay


Mario Kart 64: $900 on eBay


Teddy Ruxpin: $682 on eBay


Moon Shoes: $140 on eBay


Crossfire: $200 on eBay


Power Ranger Action Figure: $4,000 on eBay


Lite Brite: $200 on eBay


Skip-It: $119 on eBay


Talkboy: $400 on eBay


Street Sharks: $400 on eBay


Sega Genesis: $2,000 on eBay


Hot Wheels Collection: $20,000 on eBay


Ninja Turtles Action Figure: $900 on eBay

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