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The truth about relationships…as told by Steve Oedekerk


There is a very good chance you’ve never heard of the 90s film High Strung, especially considering it was a fairly small indie flick for its time. But it has since gained cult status and worth a watch for sure (youtube link below for full film, otherwise it’s very hard to find). Starring Steve Oedekerk, the premise is that he’s a grumpy guy who complains about his life so much and how he’d “rather be dead” that death (played by Jim Carrey) finally shows up to put him out of his misery. The movie almost entirely takes place in an apartment with very few actors. So simple, yet so hilarious.

If you don’t have time for the full feature, then check out this rant on relationships. Thane (Steve Oedekerk) is clearly bitter about his last break up tells us why he feels they should change the name of relationships to “pain land”.

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