Month: June 2014

Ellen Degeneres in a RomCom – Mr. Wrong

There’s a lot of jokes I could make about the film Mr. Wrong  and it’s title. Especially considering the fact that it stars televisions most famous lesbian. But I’m a very lazy writer so I won’t make any of those jokes. This critical and commercial failure from 1996 was one of Ellen Degeneres’s only forays onto the big screen. Ellen still mentions the film from time to time on her daytime TV show, but often omits that she earned a Razzie Award nomination for Worst New Star….Okay I actually don’t know that for a fact (about her mentioning/not mentioning her Razzie nom), as lazy of a writer I am, I am equally as lazy of a researcher. But I do know for a fact that she was nominated but didn’t win the Razzie. Pamela Anderson took home that prize for Barb Wire.

“Chicks Dig The Long Ball”: Classic Nike Commercial

During the height of the “Steriod Era” in Major League Baseball, Nike released one of their best commercials ever. The commercial poked fun at the fact that a great pitching performance would take a backseat any day to watching Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa sock a few dingers! The commercial featured future hall of fame pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine who are frustrated with people’s (specifically hot women, more specifically Heather Locklear) obsession with seeing home runs. Despite trying to impress the ladies with the smooth line “Hey! We got Cy Young winners over here” Maddux and Glavine give in to the trend and go to work on their long ball skills…

Diverse acting career: Reginald VelJohnson always plays a cop

If a crime was being committed in front of me I wouldn’t even attempt to call the cops. I’d simply ring up my good friend Reginald VelJohnson. You may say to me “but Ben, Reginald VelJohnson is not a cop, he is an actor and he is most certainly not your friend. I mean, you two have never even met.” Well to that I say, if we are not friends, how did I get the picture featured at the top of this post? Check. Mate. As for the cop thing. I totally know that Reginald Veljohnson is an actor but it wouldn’t be crazy for me to think he might be a cop. I mean he has appeared as a cop in so many things! It might be the biggest case of type casting since Jessica Alba being type cast as a terrible actress.  Check it out: Ghostbusters Die Hard & Die Hard 2 He also appeared as a cop in bit roles in: Kojak: The Belarus File, Plain Clothes and Turner & Hooch. But it …

I wanted a Power Wheels so bad!

Let’s be honest, any kid who had a Power Wheels Jeep or even the Power Wheels Barbie Car was king shit! Power Wheels was a brand of battery-powered cars for kids. They were realistic, some had real working FM radios, opening/closing doors & hoods and ran forward and backward. What 5 year old had their own car? Well, the ones whose parents really loved them…or had money to afford a Power Wheels. I like in the advertisements they have to say “parents assemble them easily”, which means they were a pain in the ass to put together.