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I’m with Busey (a TV show about how crazy Gary Busey is)

I’m with Busey was a pretty funny Comedy Central show from 2003 that followed a young writer as he befriends his childhood idol Gary Busey. Now we all know Gary is a little off his rocker, but this was done when Gary was batshit crazy but not as pop-culture known for being zany. The show didn’t well but has since gained a cult following after Busey’s rise in popularity.

It was in this show that Gary started coming up with his famous Busey-isms which would resurface later on in Gary’s career. Gary wanted to give young Adam (the writer) advice so he learn and use it in the real world.


It’s hard to believe that at one point in time, Busey almost won (and maybe should have won) an Oscar for his role as Buddy Holly.

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