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Truth Revealed: What is happeing in these classic behind the scenes movie photos

Here is a collection of some great behind the scenes pictures from some of our favourite movies and what we think was happening. Enjoy.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew as Princess Leia and Chewbacca right before they banged. It was gross.

Here is more proof:


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Rehearsal for that amazing scene when The Muppets inexplicably showed up. Fun Fact: Yoda and Kermit banged.


The Muppet Movie


Jim Henson and Kermit right before getting into some heavy S&M stuff.


Edward Scissorhands


Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder just hanging out…before banging. No word if the scissorhands were involved…but I bet they were. Ahhhhhh yeahhhh.




Leo and Kate need a rest after all that banging.




Beep, Beep! Hey everyone, we are just taking this scooter to the shop to get some new shoes. Just kidding, we are gonna bang on it! Weeeeeeeee!



James Cameron explaining to Leo and Kate that if he doesn’t see some hot banging scenes on this piece of wood he will kill off one of their characters. Speaking of wood, that’s what I got just thinking of these two banging.


The Silence of the Lambs


Anthony Hopkins was cast for the role of Hannibal Lecter because he already owned this mask.


Kill Bill


Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu right after Uma told Lucy she’s going to “bang her brains out”




This is either cleaning up before or after the bang session that Steven Spielberg and E.T. had.


Filming the MGM Lion


It was originally supposed to be the first bestiality porn.




Tea now, tea-bagging later.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Alan Rickman has pulled out his penis and is shielding it with a book.




Seriously, Spielberg loved banging his animatronic movie stars.


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


Carrie Fisher had no idea that Warick Davis was indeed a real child and not a puppet and insisted on shoving her hand inside him. Warick was fine with it because he was a professional…he also might be a puppet…


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Peter Ostrum and Gene Wilder had perfectly normal and professional relationship.

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