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Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?


When I was a kid I was having lunch at my grandparent’s house and my grandpa put Grey Poupon on his sandwich. I was blown away because I figured the only way to attain this mustard was to ask another elderly man through your car window for a bottle. I was a pretty stupid kid.

These commercials were pretty iconic. I’m sure many people shared some laughs back in the day, sitting at a red light asking each other if they had any Grey Poupon…or maybe just my dad did that. As the commercials continued the guy with the Grey Poupon seemed to be less interested in sharing his disgusting mustard (Oh did I mention this mustard is terrible? Cause it is). And more interested in pissing off the guy in the other car.

But of course the best version of this was not even a commercial for Grey Poupon but a scene from Wayne’s World.

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