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Mad TV – Gump Fiction


I was just watching Forrest Gump for the 300th time the other day and it got me thinking of a classic Mad TV sketch Gump Fiction…or at least what I thought was a classic sketch. Upon re-watching this sketch it is okay at best. The premiss is solid, Pulp Fiction meets Forrest Gump. I mean what can go wrong? To be honest, nothing really but for some reason it didn’t hit. I think this is one of those sketches that on paper is hilarious but just doesn’t work when you put it together. However, I still get a Nostalgic feeling when I watch it and in the end that’s why we are here, for the Nostalgia! And for half price chicken wings on Tuesdays! Oh we don’t serve chicken wings? Okay, so just the Nostalgia I guess then.

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