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Smells Like Teen Spirit (the actual product)


BOOM! Bet you thought this was just the name of a Nirvana song. Many of you probably do know that the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was inspired by Kathleen Hanna (lead singer of Bikini Kill) spray painting “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on the late grunge singer’s wall. However even more of you had no idea that this took place and further more have never even heard of Teen Spirit (It’s a deodorant product targeted at teen girls). But I bet that won’t stop you from claiming you knew all of this information already to look cool in front of your friends will it? Well, to that I say, That’s the Spirit! Teen Spirit!

For those of you who are learning all this for the first time, I say thank you! You are the reason I get out of bed in the morning…well that and I thought my roommate was making pancakes but it turned out he was just burning incense. WHO BUYS PANCAKE SCENTED INCENSE BRAD?!

Anyway, in the early 90s about 1 in 4 teen girls were apparently using products in the Teen Spirit line. This is in no doubt due to the popularity of the Nirvana song. So there ya go conspiracists. Kurt Cobain got rich writing a massive jingle for a teen hygiene product, faked his death and now lives on island called By Mennen.

Now enjoy the commercial.


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  4. Rebecca Haroutunians says

    Hi, the teen deodorants in the 1990s were very good, and so were the crystal clean deordorants by Mennen, which were carribean cool, softly scented, and fresh peach. I don’t remember the name of the scent that the blue crystal clean deodorant had, but that one was one of my favorite deodorants and it will be nice if these teen deodorants and crystal clean deodorants can be brought back, because they were great products. Unfortunately they’re not sold in stores anymore and I haven’t been able to find them on the internet to buy them and have them shipped to me. Please email me as soon as possible when you receive my email, and have a nice day.

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