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I can’t believe it has taken us this long to get to ICQ! Long before, ichat or skype or even text messaging, there was ICQ. As a kid it was amazing! You could just jump on your dial-up internet and start chatting with friends online! ICQ was probably the dawn of abbreviations such as BRB, TTL, LOL and so on (so it wasn’t all good). If you ask anyone what ICQ stands for they probably couldn’t tell you. The truth is it doesn’t stand for anything, the idea is by saying the letters ‘I’ ‘C’ ‘Q’ quickly it sounds like you are saying “I Seek You”. Kinda clever I guess.

With ICQ being such a big part of our lives (for a very short time), let’s go back and revisit some of the awesome things (or just things in general) about it shall we?


Knowing You ICQ Number By Heart

You STILL know your ICQ number of by heart.

We all have a friend who can still tell you their ICQ number.


The anticipation of logging on!

19 Things People Who Grew Up With ICQ Will Understand

Next stop, friends!..I hope…


When your friends went from “Offline” (or more likely “Invisible”) to “Available”

There was nothing more exciting than going from "Invisible" to "Available" when your crush came online.

One thing that was fantastic about ICQ was the ability to talk to multiple friends all at once. In all honesty though, I primarily used it (as you did too) to talk to my crushes. If anything embarrassing was said, it was so easy to say “oh sorry, my little brother jumped on the computer for a minute there”. Flawless defense!


Group Chats

Group chats were the coolest.

The first time I was in one of these I think my brain broke from over stimulation.


“Uh Oh” was the greatest sound in the world


Sharing Contact Lists

If you lost your contact list - which happened a lot - your friends could send you their contacts.

Don’t have the guts to ask a girl or boy for their ICQ contact? (I’m telling you, all ICQ was for teenagers was a way to talk to or about their crush). Well you could just ask a mutual friend for the contact you desired! I’m starting to see why I was single in high school…


So there you have it. Oh and ICQ still exist apparently but so does texting so…

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