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Thank You Robin Williams


Throughout the time The Nostalgia Blog has existed, several celebrities and icons have passed away. We usually say a few nice words post a clip and move on. I’m not going to pretend like that isn’t exactly how I am approaching the passing of Robin Williams but I will say that this is the most heavyhearted I’ve ever been to write a post for this blog.

Robin Williams transcends generations when it came to his performing. Proof of this is how I found out this sad news. My dad, who rarely texts and never talks celebrity news was the one who broke this news to me with a text early yesterday evening. When I told the news to the people I was around it was utter shock. One person even started to cry. I’ve never seen someone react that way to a celebrity’s death. Shortly after that came everyone talking about their favorite Robin Williams movies.

In a sad way Robin Williams’ passing brings out what this blog is about. Tragically he has passed away but with that now comes waves of nostalgia remembering all the great roles he portrayed and with that a mountain of great memories.

I could go on and on for pages about the countless ways Robin Williams entertained, inspired and moved me but instead let me just say Thank You to Robin Williams for the years of entertainment. I will enjoy the next few days reminiscing with my friends remembering and celebrating all the great roles of Robin Williams.

I close this with a few of thoughts on some of the more memorable moments in Robin’s career. Feel free to post yours.



This was one of 4 movies I watched so many times as a kid that I could recite it nearly word for word.



It’s likely a running tie between this movie and The Lion King for which Disney movie I have seen the most. This was the first time I ever saw a movie with my dad where he laughed as hard as I did.


Mrs. Doubtfire

Without a doubt this is the movie my generation will forever affiliate with Robin Williams. Brilliant.



This will always be my guilty pleasure of Robin Williams’ career.


The Birdcage

I was late to the party on this movie. I didn’t seen it until years later but thought it was one of Robin Williams and Nathan Lane’s best performances.


Good Will Hunting

To this day one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite scenes.


Death to Smoochy

This was one of the first “Dark” comedies I ever saw. It totally changed my movie pallet. This was one of the first movies I can remember loving while most people hated it. So many arguments….


Rest in Peace Robin Williams.

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