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Who Remembers Vitamin C?


Often when someone talks about Vitamin C, they are referring to the actual vitamin found in Orange Juice and other fruits. But, today we are referring to the 90s singer who was a glorified one-hit-wonder. Once gracing the list of Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2001 (she was #76), Vitamin C had what looked to be a promising music career after her self-titled 1999 album was a runaway success. After all, who didn’t have her song Graduation played at their graduation.

She released a follow up album in 2001 (entitled More), but didn’t reach the success of her previous. During her time at the top, Vitamin C appeared in various films, TV shows and was even a judge of WB’s SuperStar (a knock off/mock of American Idol). Since her 15 minutes of fame, she has stayed relevant behind the scenes of music, writing some hits for pop stars and in 2012 became the Vice President of Music at Nickelodeon. I guess she still has sometime to Smile about…

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