Month: September 2014

Famous Comedians before they were…really famous…

Just for Laughs has launched a YouTube station and it’s full of some classic content. If you aren’t familiar with Just for Laughs, it is probably the biggest comedy festival in the world and it takes place every summer in Montreal. Throughout the decades, JFL has provided some great stand-up comedy of now super-star status comedians back when they were just stars. Thanks to this YouTube page we can all go back and watch some of those stars shine instead of having to watch constant re-runs on television which always seem to feature the very unfunny Jeremy Hotz. Seriously, this guy is only funny to your not funny uncle.   Now enjoy some good comedy!   Mitch Hedberg – 1998   Chris Rock – 1987   Dave Chappelle – 2000   Jon Stewart – 1992   Bill Burr – 2004   Tracy Morgan – 2002   Louis CK – 2003

Army Ants

This is another toy that I never owned (and to be honest don’t think was ever that popular) but now nearly 30 years later (Oh yeah, these came out in 1987) I can still remember most of the jingle in the commercial. Hasbro believed they had re-invented the classic Green Army Men toys with the development of Army Ants but they failed to garner any real following and production was halted shortly after. Army Ants may have lost the war but they won…well…nothing. Nope, these were just terrible toys with a somewhat catchy jingle.

5 One Hit Wonders You Forgot About

I couldn’t name you the amount of one-hit-wonders I have come across over the years on the radio or even on my ipod. We remember their massive hit for a few months, maybe even their secondary tracks, but as time goes on we forget the artist and sometimes remember the song. Here are 5 one-hit-wonders that I’m sure you have forgetting about. Also, let us know who you would put on this list…. Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex You Get What You Give – New Radicals Informer – Snow Okay, Snow was a somewhat big deal in Canada (where I’m from) because he is a local boy, but really what else do you remember him from other than Informer? Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

This Wins the Internet: Drunk Jeff Goldblum Computer Ads

This might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You will re-watch these many times I assure you. Back in 1999 Jeff Goldblum did a series of commercials for Apple. Flash-forward to a few years ago and someone has taken these commercials and used some sort of apple product (I’m gonna say a shuffle?) to slow them down and make it seem like Jeff Goldblum is drunk. Isn’t technology grand? Enjoy!

The Simpsons Take The Hollywood Bowl

A couple weeks ago some magic happened. Some magic that only a few people got to experience…until now…well kinda…Look, what I am trying to say is that there was a show called The Simpsons Take The Bowl which was a live performance hosted by Hank Azaria (AKA Moe, Apu, etc) and featured Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith with special guests Hans Zimmer, the Gay Men’s Choir of LA, Tony Hawk, and a few other surprises (like Conan O’Brien singing the monorail song). The show featured voices songs and music from The Simpsons and thanks to the internet it is available for all of us to watch on YouTube! So if you weren’t lucky enough to see it live, please enjoy this (not terribly shot) video of the evening.