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Fraggle Rock


Fraggle Rock! One of my all time favourite shows growing up with one of the catchiest theme songs ever and it took till now to write a post on it! Sadly it was the passing of Gerard Parkes (or Doc as we knew him on Fraggle Rock) this past weekend to make me realize we have never done a post on one of the most Nostalgic shows of my generation.

Fraggle Rock (which ran from 1983-1987) was another one of Jim Henson’s great creations. Not quite Sesame Street and not quite The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock was a different than anything else on TV. It didn’t have the educational value of say Sesame Street or the comedic value of The Muppet Show, but it found a home in wholesome family entertainment. I loved everything about this show growing up…then I got older…

Sadly, a few years back I re-visited Fraggle Rock and found it does not hold up for me as an adult. That said, when I have kids (and/or finally lose that paternity suit) I will no doubt be introducing my kids to this show. And now the theme song. Enjoy!


Opening Theme


Closing Theme

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