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The Last Halloween

Back in 1991 a Halloween made for TV movie premiered titled The Last Halloween. I loved this movie. I even recorded it on VHS and brought it into class and my teacher played it for us on Halloween. I know right? Halloween at school was the best! Candy and movies! Take that education!

Anyway, since then I had long forgotten what the title of this movie was and really anything about it other than the fact that there were aliens from Mars that called candy coobi.

For years I waited for this movie to re-air or turn up somewhere but alas, it did not…until now! I recently found it on YouTube and after 20+ years of waiting, I finally got to see the movie that had such a lasting impact on my life and you know what? Meh. It’s okay. I guess the animation was pretty amazing for it’s time (it actually won a prime-time Emmy) but otherwise who cares. It’s like that ancient proverb goes: You may have liked a Halloween movie back in 1991 but it won’t be as good in 2014. Truer words have never been said.

For anyone out there who remembers this as I did here is a clip below followed by a description of the movie I got off Wikipedia. Enjoy!

Four aliens – Gleep (Paul Williams), Romtu (Don Messick), Scoota (Frank Welker), and Bing (Frank Welker) have been sent to Earth from the planet Mars in order to find a rare material known as “coobi” (which is later revealed to be candy). After crash landing on Earth, they wander the streets searching for “coobi,” but are mistaken for trick-or-treaters and ignored. When Scoota gets a strong reading on his “coobi meter,” the four aliens chase down two children, Jeanie (Sarah Matinek) and Michael (Will Nipper), into the woods. The children learn about the aliens’ mission and agree to help them collect candy.


  1. I don’t remember this but I was the right age to watch it and I definitely want to watch now. I’ll see if the whole thing is still uploaded on yt-thanks for writing about it! I’m SO in the mood for childhood H’ween stuff.

  2. Oh & this is how I felt about that Boogieman movie…was it called that, I don’t remember but it was a comedy about a family and the boogieman was in it and I for years I could only remember bits & pieces like the Mom looking like the Bride of Frankstein in one scene. I remembered being truly scared by the movie & then finally saw it a couple of years ago-like 20 years later and it kind of sucked! But I’m glad I found it.

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