Month: November 2014

Super Bad Mario 1 & 2

These videos are pretty much the same idea as the Blanka is a Troll videos but they still had me laughing pretty hard. Watch as Mario (joined by Luigi in the 2nd video) are edited in to make people getting hurt look even funnier. How funny you say? Well remember football in the groin (AKA ‘Man Being Hit by Football)? Well imagine that…but with Mario in it somehow…doing stuff…look, the videos are funny so just watch them okay? Enjoy!

Video Games: The Movie

We got a great recommendation for you today people! Try Dr. Pepper with any spiced rum. You’ll love it. Oh and watch this documentary titled: Video Games The Movie. It is right in your Nostalgic wheelhouse. The opening credits alone should be enough to get you hooked but then the movie delves into the history of video game creation, gamers and consoles…okay that sounds boring. But I swear it is very entertaining and you would have a Nostalgic Video Game Boner the whole time. Check out the trailer below and if you like it, log into your friend’s Netflix account and check out this movie. Enjoy!

This Will Kill A Minute: Supercut of Skeletors Insults

If you didn’t know, Skeletor is a bit of a diva…come to think of it, everyone on that show might have been…Anyway, turns out Skeletor enjoyed throwing out some pretty awesome insults from time to time or terrible insults depending on how much of a cynical dick you are. Common people, it’s a cartoon from the 80s not a Comedy Central Roast. It is what it is. Enjoy!