Year: 2014

E.T./Atari Christmas Commercial

That’s right, before this game was exclusively found in landfills, you could actually purchase it in stores to give to your family as a great holiday gift! One problem. The game sucked. Panned as one of the worst games in video game history, this game was created and distributed in 5 weeks in order to cash in on the E.T. craze over Christmas. The hurried release all but killed Atari and games were literally dumped into landfills. Merry Christmas!

House of Cosbys

Like Yacht Rock, this is another amazing show from Channel 101 that I was hooked on back in University: The cartoon features main character Mitchell Reynolds (voiced by Jeff Davis) who invents a cloning machine in order to create his own personal Bill Cosby to entertain him. He then begins cloning several more Cosbys to help him around the house, much like in the plot of the 1996 film Multiplicity. However, the quality of the clones seems to deteriorate as the process is repeated, and he decides to stop using the machine, but when one of the clones subversively activates it, he discovers that every tenth Cosby he clones has super powers. At the suggestion of Data Analysis Cosby (the first super-powered Cosby) they decide to continue cloning Cosbys so that their super powers can be used to help the world. There were only 4 episodes (which were amazing!) before Bill Cosby stepped in with his lawyers and shut down the show. The result was the cancellation of House of Cosbys but from the show’s …

Conan O’Brien “Satellite TV” Sketches

Back when Conan was on NBC doing his Late Night show he had a bunch of hilarious reoccurring sketches. One such sketch was he and Andy checking out “Satellite TV” channels. Conan claimed that because of the giant satellite dish that sat atop 30 Rockefeller, NBC got all these great satellite channels that no one else could get. Some of these channels included: “Peanut Suicide Channel”, “Potato Judge Channel” and “Camp Michael McDonald Channel”. Sadly, I could not find my all time favorite “Satellite Channel” Sketch which was called “Peeping Toms” that simply featured cardboard cutouts of Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Tom Jones looking in people’s windows. However these ones are pretty good too. Enjoy! *UPDATE* The original videos posted have been taken down so here are some alternatives.