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Name Your Baby Quint: Sweet Jaws Themed Baby Bed


In what will no doubt scar your child for life or somehow make them strangely comfortable around great white sharks, here is a Jaws themed baby bed by sculptor Joseph Reginella. On the one hand, this is an amazingly cool bed, on the other hand, it is a re-creation of one of the scariest scenes in a pretty scary movie and on the other hand…holy shit I have 3 hands?! When the hell did this happen? Okay, I’m gonna get this checked out, in the meantime, enjoy more photos of this baby bed.






  1. Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! dear you are great for this baby cribs collection so nice but Some experts (and parents) believe the family bed works beautifully — strengthening bonds, simplifying nursing, and increasing cuddle time. Others believe the family bed prevents babies from learning to sleep on their own, discourages independence, and may increase the incidence of sleep disturbances.

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