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Let’s Get Dangerous: Darkwing Duck


One of my all-time favourites from Disney Afternoons, Darkwing Duck was actually as spin-off of DuckTales. Apparently Launchpad McQuack couldn’t take anymore of Scrooge McDuck’s crap so he got out of Dodge and starting fighting crime with Drake Mallard AKA Darkwing Duck. I always thought Drake Mallard was one of the most original and clever names Disney had come up with but apparently I was wrong. For you see, Drake Mallard and is actually a parody of Kent Allard AKA The Shadow. Is your mind blown? No? That’s fair, it wasn’t that big of a shock.

I can’t believe this show only ran from 1991-1992! It seemed like it was way longer. Granted, over that two year run they did make 3 seasons and 91 episodes so that might have something to do with it. While Darkwing Duck was fun and gave you laughs (as most Disney cartoons did), I really feel it was underrated for it’s superhero storylines. While the show was full of jokes, it would at times really grab you with multi-episode arches that were every bit as good as X-Men or Spider-Man (well maybe not as good, but pretty good).

Over the shows run, Darkwing Duck spawned toys, straight-to-video VHS movies, a comic book and a video game. But I think what we remember most is who it had one of the best intros to any cartoon ever. Enjoy.

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