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A Guy on Craigslist Needs Help Beating Super Mario World

This is a post from a guy who clearly has everything in life going for him except one thing: He can’t beat the Vanilla Dome level of Super Mario World on SNES. Thus, he has turned to Craigslist for your help in exchange for whiskey and donuts.

Clearly this guy doesn’t know the first rule of Nintendo: Get your older brother to beat the level, then take credit for it.

I also find it interesting that this guy is able to post an ad on Craigslist but hasn’t figured out that he can go on Google and get tips/cheats to beat pretty much any video game. Dude, just go back to the Donut Plains, go to the secret level above the Donut Ghost House and pick up Yoshi and stock up on capes. Now go back and kick some wizard ass!

Your welcome. Now when I come over for my prize remember I like my whiskey like I like my pop-culture references at least 10 years old and from either America, Britain or Canada (which is basically a mixture of the first two countries).


  1. NotAPunkRocker says

    I had to apologize to my son for all the times I got on him for looking up game “cheats” after I had to look up how to beat one of the levels on Lego Batman 3 last week. I wasn’t cheating, I was looking for a sign!

    • Prof.mcstevie says

      I went to God to ask for help, when that backfired I asked Google.

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