Month: February 2015

It’s about time: Fan Made Star Wars VS Star Trek Trailer

For years nerds have had epic hypothetical battles to the (figurative) death over which is better/who would win in a fight: Star Wars or Star Trek. The winner in this battle? Virginity! As it has remained untouched throughout this war. While we have no definite answer (ya know, cause neither of the worlds are real) but at least we have a sweet fan-made trailer for what it might look like if Star Wars and Star Trek decided to go to war against one another…

If Barney Was Scientifically Accurate (In Song Form!)

This is a clip from FOXADHD which features a song about what it would be like if 90s icon Barney The Dinosaur were scientifically accurate. I don’t think the results will shock you, Barney was a T-Rex after all. That being said, should they re-make this show instead of a school maybe Barney should work in some sort of male strip-club, cause this guy is packing. Enjoy.

Cause Why Not?: Iconic 80s Villains as 80s Album Covers

Illustrator Rocky Davies has created a pretty awesome collection of iconic 80s villains featured as 80s style vinyl cover art. The albums features the likes of Doctor Doom, The Joker, Predator, Freddy Krueger, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Skeletor and of course fan favorite Shredder. The fact that Skeletor’s song is actually from the 90s aside, I feel like it was a real missed opportunity to connect the song ‘What’s Going On’ by Four Non-Blondes with him again. Regardless, these albums are incredible and should replace your loved ones as the new background on your phones. Enjoy.

Is it all a dream?: Homer Simpson ‘Coma Theory’ is pretty great

Did Homer Simpson ever come out of his coma back in 1993? If not, has every episode of The Simpsons since then taken place in the comatose mind of Homer? The answer: Who cares, its a cartoon. That said redditor Hardtopickaname has put forward a fairly crazy theory about the show, but who doesn’t love hearing theories like this! It’s pretty much the reason the internet was invented other than being able to access porn much faster without having to go to that weird porn shop where Carl works (I miss you Carl, your choice in pornography was matched only by your savory Chicken Gumbo recipe). Back to Homer and his potentially sad existence. This fan’s theory is similar to the Saved By The Bell was all in Zack’s dream theory in that basically the show as we know it seems to take place in the dreams of the main character. You can read a breakdown of the entire theory here but the main points are basically this: Back in 1992, in an episode of …