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Cause Why Not: 8-Bit Sports Art

You know what never gets old? 8-Bit Art! Well, I guess technically it gets old which is why we find it so nostalgic…but it’s the 8-Bit that makes it nostalgic, the art itself is actually very new….Look, I’ve backed myself into a corner here, so how bout we just all enjoy these photos? Cool? Cool.

Wayne Gretzky in all his NHL jerseys

NHL Teams

Classic NHL Jerseys

Former NHL Teams (Atlanta, California (Oakland), Cleveland, Colorado, Hartford, Kansas City, Minnesota, Quebec and Winnipeg)

NHL Winter Classic and Heritage Classic Match-ups

NFL Teams

WWF Superstars

The Hart Foundation

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  1. Now I’m not exactly the most educated about “8-bit” sprites, but aren’t most of these “sprites” way beyond the color palette limit? I mean, if I remember correctly, Megaman’s sprite on his NES games were as complicated as they are color-wise because he’s two sprites overlayed over each-other.

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