Month: May 2015

Throwback Thursdays! Performances atop the Ed Sullivan Theater

This week for Throwback Thursdays we are doing something a little different. I have been doing posts about David Letterman all week and even though his show is now over, I figured I’d keep the trend going. Why? Cause it’s my blog and I’ll cry and eat ice cream while I write if I want to! Anywho, I knew right away that I wanted Throwback Thursday to be an act from the Late Show that was performed atop the Ed Sullivan Theater. However, I couldn’t decide on one, so here are a few that stuck out to me over the years. Enjoy! Audioslave “Cochise”   Dave Matthews Band –  “Where Are You Going”, “You Never Know”, “Grey Street” and “Grace Is Gone”   Paul McCartney “Get Back”   Jay Z and Eminem “Renegade”   The Black Keys “Fever”   Foo Fighters “Everlong” This was not on the roof or marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater but it was the closing musical for the Late Show and includes highlights of David Letterman’s amazing 33 year …

Tonight’s Top 10 List: I’ll Miss You David Letterman

I’ll be honest. There is too much to write about what David Letterman and his Late Show has meant to me through my life and frankly, most people don’t visit this site to read long-winded breakdowns and memories of pop culture (that’s what Grantland is for). So in that spirit I will give you what I loved about David Letterman (I’m sure I am the 100,000th person to do this) in Top 10 form. Here we go. #10. His Top Ten Lists They weren’t always amazing but they had their moments.   #9. His bits and out of studio visits. In one of the more memorable bits, Elaine Stritch played a woman who kept interrupting the show to demand David (her new pool boy and piece of eye candy) to give her attention. Dave’s out of studio bits were the original cringe-worthy laugh in my opinion. Check out when he worked a McDonald’s Drive-Thru back in 1993 for example.   #8. His Bear Story It is in fact a story about a bear and it’s …

What did I just watch?: Michael J. Fox’s hockey short film for David Letterman’s film fest

Hey kids! It’s all 5’5 and 140lbs of Michael J. Fox playing a brawling hockey player/violinist? Yup that is the premise for Fox’s short film for David Letterman’s 1986 film festival. Fox took his $40,000 budget and decided to create a film that would combine two entirely contrasting worlds — the orchestra and the game of hockey. In this four and a half minute short film, Fox plays the role of both a beer league hockey player and a violinist, as both characters journey through an evening at a local rink that boasts a live symphony orchestra performing a score to go along with the game. Sound weird? Well it is. But weird means it’s good right? I mean, if I think this is bad I am stupid right? So it’s good?…Art hurts my brain. Tell you what, why don’t you watch it and tell me if its good. Sound like a plan? Cool. Enjoy.   For the record here is Michael J. Fox explaining his short film with Letterman…

Still better guests than Joaquin Phoenix: The Avengers on David Letterman

Back in 1983, life was a bit different. David Letterman was on NBC and…actually, come to think of it. I think that is the only difference between now and 1983. I better call my mom on my rotary phone to double check though. Anywho, back in 1983 while Letterman was hosting the Late Night Show on NBC he was joined by The Avengers. Yup, so, that happened (albeit in comic book form). Seriously how much cocaine did people do back in the 80s? I bet the Top 10 list was amazing though.

Nintendo World Championships Returning after 25 years

1990, That was the last year that Nintendo held it’s World Championships. 1990! Back then I could say “Hey, I’m going to see The Wizard to check out this new power glove thing” and you would know exactly what I meant. I’m blown away by this. I mean, Nintendo still exists? Trials to enter the championships are being held May 30th at select Best Buys across America. The Nintendo World Championships will be held June 14th at the Nokia Theatre which is in… Good luck to anyone who enters! As for me, I’m off to play some PS4 cause I’m an adult. Oooo, they have a new LEGO video game!