Month: June 2015

Cause why not?: 90s Toy Tamagotchi Gets Jurassic Park Treatment

Remember Tamagotchi? Remember all those great lines from Jurassic Park? Okay good, your old age hasn’t affected your memory yet. Now imagine a world where someone has taken those iconic Jurassic Park lines and put them in a spoof staring 90s toy fad Tamagotchi! What’s that? You lost your ability to imagine things when you lost your childhood? Well that is very sad. However, you are in luck because thanks to the internet you won’t have to imagine it…because it exists…ya know…on the internet. Thanks to YouTube artists/bloggers/ah…bbq spokespeople? (Look, I don’t know what else these people do) mikeNgary we can see what it would be like if Jurassic Park and Tamagotchi got together and made a movie. In fact I think it might look a little like this…  

I Remember Him Being Faster: Real Life Sonic The Hedgehog

Ever wonder what it would look like if there was a real life Sonic The Hedgehog? Well, be ready to be disappointed. First off, turns out hedgehogs aren’t even blue! I know right? Also, they aren’t particularly fast and really don’t have much interest in floating gold rings. Other than that, this video is actually kinda fun and you should give it a watch. Thanks to Mashable, The San Diego Zoo and Elvis the hedgehog for teaching us that video games are by far better than real life. Enjoy!

Does Anyone Remember The Movie RAD?

It is the 1986 BMX cult classic that you are either a HUGE fan of or have no knowledge of the movie’s existence. How do I best describe this film? Ah, it’s a borderline crazy (yet somehow believable) story of a teenager who dreams of being a pro BMX (that’s fancy for bike riding) competitor. Maybe the preview will tell us more… All caught up now? Good. Like I said, the movie is a cult classic and is more remembered for it’s…ah….I wanna say iconic but if it’s a cult classic I guess I have to say well known scenes…by people who have actually seen the movie…sure, that will work.   The Intro   The Bicycle Boogie (yes, this is the star Cru Jones (Bill Allen) dancing with the Aunt Becky from Full House on BMX bikes) How did this movie not win an Oscar?!   The Helltrack Scene (this is a part of the scene set to different music. It was the best I could find)   and of course the music of John …