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If The Mighty Ducks Movie Characters Played For Today’s NHL Ducks

The great people over at BarDown made a pretty cool photo series of what it would look like if the stars of Disney’s The Mighty Ducks played for the current incarnation of The NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

For those of you who don’t know, the Anaheim Ducks were originally owned by Disney and were named The Mighty Ducks after the popular kids movie. Years later, the team was sold and “Mighty” was dropped from the team name leaving us with simply The Anaheim Ducks.

So what if the stars of that movie played for the current Ducks team? Here is a hint: It would look like someone photoshopped the actors heads on current players bodies. It would also look like a bunch of teens playing in the NHL…Enjoy!

Fulton Reed

Greg “Goldie” Goldberg

Russ Tyler

Connie Moreau

Lester Averman

Gordon Bombay



…also, remember when the Edmonton Oilers actually did this in a game?

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