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Did you catch that?: The Simpsons have reenacted many famous photos over the years

There is no doubt that The Simpsons have some of the best (and most clever) jokes you’ll ever hear on television. But what makes this show truly amazing are some of the subtle jokes that most of us miss in the original airing and only catch later on by re-watching the episode or through posts like this. With that said, here are some examples of times The Simpsons reenacted famous photos. See how many you caught originally, then make sure to lie to your friends when you show them this and say you knew every single one. Enjoy!

Abe Simpson at Woodstock 1969


The Simpsons reenacting the iconic photo of fleeing Americans during the fall of Saigon


Bart doing his best Betty Grable impression


Lisa being sworn in as Little Miss Springfield is almost as iconic as when Lyndon Johnson was right after the assassination of JFK…almost.


The Be-Sharps like The Beatles were bigger than Jesus…


General Sherman and The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)


The time Mr. Burns and Nixon shared a similar hand shake with Elvis

Although Mr. Burns probably did a better impression…


I don’t think Springfield destroying all kid-friendly things in town is as bad as the Nazis occupying France but judging by Milhouse’s expression, it was to him.


This parody of the Duff Blimp as the Hindenburg disaster is probably the most well known image reenactment by The Simpsons.


And of course the construction of the Empire State Building coupled with a couch gag.

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