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Does Anyone Remember The Movie RAD?

It is the 1986 BMX cult classic that you are either a HUGE fan of or have no knowledge of the movie’s existence.

How do I best describe this film? Ah, it’s a borderline crazy (yet somehow believable) story of a teenager who dreams of being a pro BMX (that’s fancy for bike riding) competitor. Maybe the preview will tell us more…

All caught up now? Good.

Like I said, the movie is a cult classic and is more remembered for it’s…ah….I wanna say iconic but if it’s a cult classic I guess I have to say well known scenes…by people who have actually seen the movie…sure, that will work.


The Intro


The Bicycle Boogie (yes, this is the star Cru Jones (Bill Allen) dancing with the Aunt Becky from Full House on BMX bikes) How did this movie not win an Oscar?!


The Helltrack Scene (this is a part of the scene set to different music. It was the best I could find)


and of course the music of John Farnham:

Break The Ice

Thunder In Your Heart


While the movie does not have a huge following outside the BMX community, you will occationally see references to RAD in other shows like…

American Dad


Every time I see stuff like that I laugh so hard and then wonder if anyone other than me and my brother would get those references. Then I think, what if those jokes were just for me and I was on some sort of Truman Show like…show…wow, these mushrooms are really kicking in…time to wrap this thing up!

Knowing this movie pretty much word-for-word I obviously have a huge Nostalgic bias to how good I think this movie is. I mean I wore a RAD Racing t-shirt in the first few Throwback Thursdays we did. So I can’t really recommend watching this movie if you haven’t seen it and expect you to like it. After all, when RAD came out some of the reviews sounded like this:

The New York Times stated “Teen-age ears may not split from the music or ache from the dialogue, but anybody over 20, beware.”

On the website Rotten Tomatoes, “Rad” was given a “Rotten” rating of 0%, the lowest possible score from critics; conversely, the audience rating stands at 91%


So I ask you. Do your remember RAD? Did you like it? Will you watch it if you haven’t seen it? How long do mushrooms take to ware off?

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