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Ben Stiller as Tom Crooze (Tom Cruise’s Stunt Double) at MTV Movie Awards

Back when the MTV Movie Awards were actually watchable (yes I have turned into that guy), there was always one sketch in the night that would hit really big and be the all the talk the next day. Now thanks to the wonderfulness of the internet, if you unfortunately miss the awards and don’t know who won “Best Badass Star” or “Best Sandwich in a movie” (Yes, those are both awards that were actually given out) you can easily look them up the next day.

The same goes for sketches. Anything worth watching is usually up the next day and you can avoid sitting through the nominees for “Best Scared-as-S**t Performance” (again, a real category). However back in the day you couldn’t just jump on YouTube and catch these sketches. No, you had to watch live and/or record the awards (on VHS) to be able to see the most talked about moments.

One such moment that stuck in my mind for years was the time that Ben Stiller appeared in a sketch as Tom Crooze, the stunt double of Tom Cruise. While the sketch may not be the funniest one ever made, the appearance and performance of Tom Cruise himself makes it pretty great. Enjoy!

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