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Biker Mice From Mars

Every now and then you randomly get reminded of a show you had totally forgot existed. In most cases you can’t believe how much you remember about the show once you are reminded of it’s existence…this was not the case with Biker Mice From Mars.

My brother was visiting me the other day and he asked if I had written a post on Biker Mice From Mars. Not only hadn’t I, I don’t think I had even thought about the show since it’s cancellation back in 1996. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the show:

Biker Mice from Mars is a science fiction action animated series created by Rick Ungar that began airing in 1993, in the United States and lasted for three seasons before it was cancelled. It was composed by William Anderson. It follows three anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists named Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie who escape a war on their home planet Mars before arriving to defend the Earth from the evil that destroyed their homeland (the Plutarkians) and to one day return to Mars. The mice’s signature weapons consist of a cestus and a laser (Throttle), a bionic arm (Modo), and flares (Vinnie). Despite the frequent battles, no blood is shown, no firearms are used and many villains are monsters, aliens, and robots. These elements allowed the show to still be considered suitable for children.

In what is becoming a weird trend for me however, I did remember the theme song. However, the theme song is basically a weird voice saying “biker mice from mars” 3 times, so even if I hadn’t heard it before, I probably could have guessed the lyrics.

If you have some good or bad memories of this show, feel free to let us know! Now, enjoy the intro.

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