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Hey, I kinda know that song: Compilation Album Commercials

Compilation album commercials are the reason I know about 10 seconds worth of every smash hit from the 60s, 70s and 80s. These commercials were made to do pretty much what this blog was made to do: make people feel Nostalgic for their younger years. The main difference between them and us: They had the legal rights to many hit songs in which they could sell to make and stunning profit and we have a pretty cool lazy boy couch. What’s that? The couch broke last week? Well, fuck me I guess.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have listened to a song that I was sure I had never heard before, only to have that sweet 5 seconds from the commercial kick in and realize “Oh! This is that song?! I know it now”

In fact a lot of these commercials played so regularly that I actually had the medley of all the songs in the commercial memorized into one song.  It was better than some of the songs found on the album.

While I can’t remember what most of these compilation albums were called, I have looked around the interweb to show you a few examples of what these commercials were like. Feel free to share your own thoughts and memories because I can’t be the only one this happened to…I hope. Enjoy!


Awesome 80s


Now 5


Big Shiny Tunes 4


Much Dance


Rock Your World


Goin’ South


That’s My Jam


Lost in Love Collection


Spirit of The 60s


Sounds of The 70s


Forever 80s


Living in the 90s

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